50 Blog Followers, Thank You For Your Support!

Since I started my blogging journey in January 2018 as Vintage RetroMan, I have had the amazing opportunity to meet so many wonderful people online. I put off my dream of being a writer for years, as I was so afraid to take that first step of faith. What will people think of my content? How will my readers perceive what I am trying to accomplish? I need to have a set goal in mind don’t I, and shouldn’t I have a long drawn out plan on how to achieve my goal?

Then I remembered, I love retro, and I love people, so let’s start from there. Love! That is why I write. The love for the pen, as I used to call it growing up. That is why I have been a writer since I was in the 5th grade, writing simple poems and short stories even back then. In middle school, I wrote more advanced poetry and stories. In high school, I began writing raps and love songs, which stuck with me throughout college. Still, no matter what I was actually writing, it was always the love that propelled me to deliver a message via written form. Today is no different.

I just wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you to my readers. To some people, 50 followers may be trivial. To me, it is a huge milestone. I just want all of my readers to know how much I genuinely care about every like, comment, opinion, constructive criticism, and overall contribution you all give to my blog and Instagram page daily. My life has truly changed since January of this year. When my father passed away last month, my readers were there for me. I was hurting so bad and you, my reader, lifted me. Thank you.

In conclusion, I am going to echo something my father used to tell me all of the time. My dad stated, “Son, quit worrying about all the in’s and out’s of everything all of the time. Sometimes in life, you just have to jump right in and do it! You will make your mistakes, and that’s okay. Learn as you go along and quit overthinking trying to figure it all out at once!” That is what I did with my blog this year. I jumped right in, and I am so glad I did! Are you on the fence about something? Some goal, some dream? Please listen to my dad. You will be glad you did! Signing off for now……..


5 thoughts on “50 Blog Followers, Thank You For Your Support!

  1. Keep up the awesomeness love the direction your going with things cant wait yo see where yiu go next…

    Question what are your thoughts on emulation, retro games are just so pricy it seems, do you see it as an alternative or maybe your against it just curious


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